Thursday, April 23

Kuala Lumpur Day Trip

Have been travelling for quite a bit over the past week resulting in a bit of a cold now. Good thing is I can take this opportunity to do some updates. First off would be a trip on a Sunday to our capital city Kuala Lumpur. Being a Johorean, 3-4hr trips to the capital city are quite rare. Had not been there for a while now, was last there about 5 years ago!

HIghway Tree
This time I was driving mom and uncle there for a class about climbing caves, they were going to learn the theories of caving. We had to start off from JB before day break. As dawn broke, we were making good time. Stopped at a rest place along the highway for a little break. Noticed some rather beautiful flowering yellow flame trees here.

Finally after a confusing drive in KL (often the case for people without GPS and not familiar with KL roads.) we were lucky enough to get to the HQ of the Malaysian Nature Society. There is a nice little Heritage trail behind the HQ. Wife and me quickly cleared out of there due to the hungry mosquitoes, time for some brunch.

KL Kopitiam
After some tentative driving into KL city itself, I finally found a nice kopitiam in the back alleys of where I used to live, back in the days where I was a student there. Seeing lots of people sitting around, this place must have some nice food.

KL Hawker food
Looking at other tables, wife and me decided on pork meatball with fine rice noodles. Common dish but very light and nice for brunch. There were also lots of street vendors selling pornographic DVDs just sitting around, packing their wares and enjoying breakfast too.

KL Posters
Bukit Bintang. Views from our 4WD of this famous shopping district in KL.

KL Standard Charted
Standard Charted Building, we parked behind here RM3 per day.

KL Pavilion Outside
We then headed to Pavilion, a new shopping place recommended by a family friend who lived in KL. Not bad, has a COACH shop and many other high-end shops.

KL Pavilion Inside
Inside the Pavilion.

KL Soba Making
At the top level there is a jap. restaurant. Walking past, saw a local making soba noodles, wierd neh! But this guy has good training. Had lunch at Sakae Sushi, will blog about it next time.

KL Levis
Leisure time after late lunch, wife likes Levi's so guess where we went.

KL Trees
It was still raining very heavily, what do you expect living in a tropical country?? Well there was a pickup point inside Pavilion that was shielded for pickup which was nice. Very heavy rains on the way back to JB, saw many accidents. Even saw a Nissan Fairlady which flew into the side railings and got smashed up. Next week Taman Negara.

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