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Taiwan Trip 2011 Day 4 SunRoom Minsu 陽光味宿

Taiwan Trip 2011 Day 4 SunRoom Minsu 陽光味宿
[ continued from Taiwan Trip 2011 Day 3 Jiufen at Night ]

SunRoom Minsu 陽光味宿

SunRoom Minsu 陽光味宿 was the first minsu for our trip. We didn't book beforehand but as we had gone there on a weekday, all we had to do was call the owner the day before from Taipei and do a phone booking without needing any deposit. Lucky it was 2011 then, now this minsu is so famous that you have to book half a year in advance to get rooms! Well as luck would have it we got Room 209 which was like the second room from the main lounge area.

The rooms in this minsu have all been designed and built by the young couple staying here. Our cute little room for 2 costs us NT1800 for a weekday including breakfast for 2. It was the most expensive but also most enjoyable accomodation of our trip. All the amenities of a four star hotel with a view to boot!

Clothes hangers hung on the tails of dogs? :D Such a cool design, only in Taiwan!

Rules of the house. Translated : Sunroom minsu accomodation agreement, No smoking, turn off lights and air-con when leaving room, breakfast times, checkin 3pm-checkout 11am, no arguments, must be happy ( i like this last part :D )

The toilet was also well decorated. According to the owner, a lot of the decorations come from rubbish flotsam picked off the beach which they then refurbished for the rooms. First time I ever had a bath/soak in a wooden bath-tub and yes the tub doesn't leak. Unfortunately the owner has since taken away the bath tub probably due to the cost of all that hot water if you fill it up. 

After a long day yesterday at Jinguashi and Shifen, we had returned to SunRoom Minsu for a short but comfy nights sleep. 'Twas a beautiful morning when we awoke in Jiufen at the crack of dawn. However the weather was too cloudy to see any sunrise. Well since we were out all day yesterday, we wanted to spend most of the morning enjoying the minsu facilities.

Every room comes with a large wall glass window with a sofa for you to sit and admire the sea-view. Wifey lined up the small sky lantern prezzies (bought from Shifen) for a sky lantern family shot.

Cactus in the corner of the window sill.

When it was time for breakfast we went into the lounge area. Look at the antique coffee grinder and glass for coffee. This place was a little cluttered with antique memorabilia, some from the times when Taiwan was under Japanese rule.

You can also see a vespa and vintage motorcycle which the owner restored. There is also a small area in the lounge for reading.

Forgot her name, but this was the cheerful morning breakfast crew. She was actually an Indonesian maid hired to help out in the minsu. It seems they are nowadays quite popular with taiwanese businesses and households, some can even speak hokkien and mandarin.

SunRoom Minsu Breakfast
What a delicious breakfast with a fantastic view.

Sunroom Minsu Triple A Breakfast

We were served a western style sandwich breakfast accompanied with 5 types of fruit. Let me list them : Pomelo, passion fruit, apples, guava and star fruit. In addition, the owner had just harvested some longans from their own longan tree and treated us to a big bag of them. :D For a bonus, I found this pretty but harmless bug on my longan. hehehe

Another cactus enjoying the sea view at an area outside the lounge/dining room.

More shots of the outside areas of the minsu. Lots of attention to detail, every corner is decorated with something cute/nice.

Note: Treat yourself to a nice minsu or two even if you are travelling on budget. Though most of the time, money spent on accomodation can actually be spent on food, shopping and travelling instead.

After a nice breakfast, we checked out of our room and left our bags at the minsu and went for a walk around Jiufen, this time in the daylight.

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  1. Hi,did you go by train from Taipei to Hualien? I'm wondering what is the best way to travel from Taipei to Hualien. We have a total full 4 days (6nights)to spend between Taipei and Hualien.

    1. Yes we did the normal slow train. Best way is always by car/private taxi along coastal road, can stop and take pictures and visit places. If taking train you can try the express train now available which cut down travelling time about half hour plus.

  2. Hi, its the sunny room minsu very far from jiufen old street? About how many minutes walking times? Thanks

    1. its very close by, just a short walk for a couple minutes you be there! :D

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