Friday, March 27

Batu Pahat Food 1

Went back to my hometown of Batu Pahat last weekend. Left on a Saturday evening and planned to stay still Sunday afternoon as Mom wanted to learn some SKILLz from an old friend of my grandmother's.

Batu Pahat Riverside Hawker (Hai Kee)

It was just before dark that we arrived and picked up ye olde friend and drove down to the hawker stalls. This place is affectionately called "Hai Kee" (means beach) despite being at the river side, quite near to the river mouth. This place is probably flooded during high tide and heavy rains.

Meng Hian Fried Oyster

Of course we immediately took a seat just next to my favourite hawker stall. There are a few stalls selling fried oysters here but my fav is this stall manned by a stick-thin hunched man. He has been doing this for more than twenty years now and in the past he set up shop in johor bahru. Unfortunately in those days, JB was not as huge as it is now and business was not that good. He then moved back to Batu Pahat and has been here ever since. His wife and young son helps out at the store now.

Meng Hian Fried Oyster
Oohh simply mouth watering.. If I lived in Batu Pahat I would probably die of a heart attack from eating too much of this...

Carrot Cake with Seafood
Carrot cake stir fried with prawns... yumm....

Otak-otak bbq fish cakes
Fish in cocunut leaves

Charcoal Barbeque Honey Chicken wings.
BBQ Honey Chicken Wings sprinkled with lime juice...

Ginger and Shallot La-la
Lastly Lala, thin shelled clams stir-fried with ginger,chilli and shallots. This time we were unlucky and were served some not so fresh clams, plus the flavour was quite lousy.. Not gonna buy from the same BBQ seafood stall again... Well win some, lose some. At least no 'adverse effects' after eating these.

Curry Fish Head
More gastronomic delight as we went over to a small coffe shop restaurant for more dinner! More pictures on my flickr . This asam fish dish I quite enjoyed a lot, in addition to a few other yummy things we ordered as another uncle's family had not eaten dinner and joined us...

Australian McLaren Vale Shiraz
Finally made it back to the family home, whereupon my uncle, up to his usual drinking antics, sprang us with a bottle of Shiraz...

Tune in for Part 2 soon...

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