Friday, April 3

Shinjuku Incident - Must Watch

My favourite asian actor Jackie Chan used to have a new movie for every chinese new year. Those were the good old days. Then he had to go to Hollywood for the rush hours. Good thing he has now come back to asia!

Managed to catch the film today at the local GSC Pelangi Leisure Mall. Now you gotta pay $1 for parking. Sigh.. standard of living in malaysia is going up.

At first it seems like another version of the typical hong kong gangster movie, with the cop and a gangster being 'friends' and betrayal here and there, with a good touch of digusting gore, 2 arms chopped and a decent body count. But then it does make one think about the problematic issue of illegal immigrants and gangs. A Japanese friend of mine once told me chinese triads do go around chopping off body parts in the train stations and are much more violent than the yakuza.

The movie is actually about Jackie Chan's character Steel Head who swings between being a goody 2 shoes and a hitman/semi-gangsta. The part where he stabbed the first mob-boss was really LOL, and the second mafia style hit was cool. He does try hard to be serious but in the end I still prefer the funny kungfu jackie of yesteryear. The most irritating part is the ending where he dies, just like in the last movie the myth. Trying to copy Andy Lau who also somehow manages to die in every triad movie he does...

That aside, I was pleasantly surprised by the addition of Naoto Takenaka as inspector Kitano. I remember this guy in comical roles before in some japanese TV series. Makes me laugh whenever he is on screen! He does seem like a bumbling police inspector even in this dark gangster movie. The japanese cops seem quite lousy at shooting too and their pistols were way too small.

Would have liked to see 'innocent' Jackie act in the alleged bed scene that was cut away though!

A pic of his co-star Fan Bing Bing before the movie which I found on google images. Wonder where this shot came from???

Well you won't get this in the movie but I would have to say this is another must watch on my list.

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