Wednesday, May 6

KimChi&BBQ 2nd Visit

Just had lunch with wife and friends at a local korean restaurant in Johor Bahru. 2nd visit now. Elephant tubes dangling from the roof sucks smoke away...


More starters, mostly preserved stuff. Korean restaurants usually serve quite a few of these small dishes free of charge and refillable. New dish of quails eggs this visit and an apple/carrot salad.

Our drinks, Coffee and Iced lemon tea.

Beef Set Lunch, a sweet beef stir fry..

Comes with a very clear, light and tasty clam soup.

Nice and friendly burmese speaking staff help us BBQ the pork chops over a red hot charcoal flame to infuse some smokeyness to the food. This is the end product.

Above the pork chops is a salad made from thinly sliced shallots and tossed with sesame seeds, vinegar and small pieces of lettuce. This has got to be the best Korean salad I've ever had!

Some extra ingredients to go with the BBQ meat. Wrap these in the lettuce leaves provided and you are good to go/eat!

Rice cake bars in kimchi stir-fry. Kinda hard and chewy...

Probably one of the best part of the meal, complementary dessert made by the owner's wife, glutinous rice with red bean paste lightly pan fried. Accompanied by drink of ginger/barley water.

What goes in must come out. Heh. Moist towelettes in the loo? This is a little higher end isnt it? Unfortunately they should have put in 3ply instead of hard abrasive cheapo 2ply.

Wash your hands before eating and after eating. The very expensive hotel standard wash area.

Nice lunch, nice restaurant.

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