Thursday, May 7

Yoshinoya Pregnant Fish

Yoshinoya Unagi Set

Went into Singapore today for a short trip and dropped by Yoshinoya's Woodlands for a late 3pm lunch. Lots of promotions. There was an unagi bowl set and a unagi/fried salmon set but I opted for the former, with miso soup.

Yoshinoya Fried Pregnant Fish
Wife and her mom ordered a Mother's Day set. Came with some red bean cookies, 2 bowl sets plus this plate of pregnant fish(Shishamo) coated with some sort of green tea batter and rice crispies.

Shishamo, Spinrinchus lanceolatus, is a saltwater fish (smelt) about 15 centimeters in length. Often while full of eggs, called ko-mochi-shishamo, it is grilled whole.(Wiki)

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