Friday, June 5

Fraser's Hill Flora & Fauna Up Close

FH MOnkey
Wierd and wacky "wildlife" as well as other interesting stuff I observed on my recent trip to Fraser's Hill. This was one of the troops of monkeys feeding on hibiscus leaves at the resort.

Red and Black bug which flew onto my hand whilst I was enjoying dinner outdoors that night.

Spider at the archery range building.

Big bug in Morning Glory
This huge bee/beetle the size of my thumb was feeding on nectar from the flowers at the resort we stayed at.

Bug 2
Another creepy crawly outside the resort office.

Fish in Rock
Thank full of fish, the bottom fish was 'stuck' in between some rocks! but the owner said it was just mucking around and swims out during feeding time...

Organic Coriander
Some organic homegrown coriander at the side of the Malay stalls where we had our dinner. I am successfully growing some at the moment but not growing well due to the hot weather.

Mega Chrysanthemum
Nice big yellow Wild Chrysanthemum plucked from the roadside by wife.

Cat Customer
Most interesting for me was a cat eating out of plates left by some other travellers... eww.. hope they washed my plate properly!

Pretty nice trip up there and back... Now need to post my recent Kelong trip too! :D

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