Sunday, May 24

Deer Meat Satay Raub

Satay Assortment
Some very yummy satay at a local shop in small town of Raub near to Fraser's Hill in Pahang state. We ordered deer, goat, chicken, cow's stomach and intestines satay!

Not as extreme as that Andrew Zimmerman guy on the Travel Channel. We even skipped Rabbit meat as wife adores rabbits. Most of the satay sticks were light on oil but high in lemon grass flavour and smokey charcoal taste.

In malaysia, we have small pieces of meat on a wooden stick, much similiar to its larger cousin the Kebabs from middle east with their large pieces of meat and big stick.

Satay Menu
The Satay Menu up beside the main counter on the shop wall.. All sorts of meats!

Teh 'O' Ais Limau
Highly recommended : down a cup of cool ice lime tea with the satay.

Location : Rokiah Sate Raub(town), Pahang(state), Malaysia

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