Wednesday, May 20

Budget terminal, budget breakfast.

Dad often flies to and fro between Malaysia and Thailand to look after his Bird's Nest Farms. Usually he takes Air Asia, but since routes have been changed,he has had to take the alternative Tiger Airways.

Will be sending him off soon in a few days but due to slow sorting through my files, this has to be posted now.

As we managed to clear the causeway checkpoints rather swiftly and managed to arrive early, we went to a McDonald's joint at the Changi Airport Budget Terminal for some breakfast. Coffees and Hot Choc.

The breakfast sets we ordered. Used to love hash browns, but too health consicous now to love them anymore. They are usually badly done, soaked in oil.
There is now an imprint of the big M on the burger bread! This is something new, but then again I have been a Burger King fan for a while now and haven't visited a McDonalds in years... Dad finally managed to get on his plane and me and the wife left for some quick shopping around town.

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