Thursday, May 14

Movie Night May 13th

As GSC cinemas have discounts for movie tickets on Wednesdays, I decided to go for a movie with wife and friends. In Johor Bahru, our local cinema (GSC Pelangi Leisure Mall) only charges RM6 for Wednesday movies! We were pleasantly surprised this time as the new Star Trek : The Future Begins was also this price despite it being a new movie. Decided to watch it as it had good review points on IMDB.

Some refreshments, the 100 plus drinks ended up being too full and splashed out so we had to put them down at the coney dog stand and do a little wiping and cleaning with tissues.

This is wife's brother who is an ardent fan of transformers. He was'nt interested to pose with the Star Trek poster but could not resist posing with the transformers poster. Picture taken whilst the others were waiting for the coney dogs to be made.

This Star Trek movie was quite good, despite me not being a Trekkie. Seemed like another "origins" kind of story when compared with the Wolverine one we watched last week, which was another good movie. The actor as young Spock was really fun to watch as I kept expecting him to point his finger out and cut off people's brains just like Sylar in Heroes hehe....

Some food and beverages after the movie at Penang Corner, a restaurant with superb hotel service and food. The stir fry was RM5.90 a plate. This place is just next to Hokka Hokka Japanese restaurant. Their kitchens are linked. Rumor has it the chefs and staff were from Hyatt hotel, which is currently undergoing renovations and new management. Very good food and service at extremely affordable price, highly recommended.

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