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Kelong Acheh Holiday

2009_0530KelongAcheh Jetty
Jetty to Kelong Acheh
After weeks of rainy weather, the sun finally came out, so I decided to bring the wife to stay a few days at a kelong. Haven't been to a kelong for ages and ages. This was indeed a long awaited trip. Chose to stay at Kelong Acheh, as it seemed to be the most comfortable one amongst those off the east coast of Johor. This long jetty is where you get picked up after parking your car. For a village jetty, overnight parking here does cost a steep $5 per night but it seems like a peaceful village where your vehicle will be safe...

KelongAcheh Boat Ride
Bumboat ride to Kelong Acheh
A short classical Bumboat ride brings you to the kelong.

KelongAcheh Room
Kelong Acheh Tenggiri Room
After you get to the Kelong, helpful staff unload belongings for you. Staff here include Nor, Zaki, Ah Yong and Ah Set. The rooms are very spacious. We had a quick look around and I chose this room, aptly named Tenggiri(Common names: Narrow-Barred Spanish Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Striped Mackerel, Tenggiri Batang, Tohok, Dengkeh. Scientific name: Scomberomorus Commerson) The rooms are all named after fish. Hehe, this place is really my cup of tea!

KelongAcheh Lunch
Lunch at Kelong Acheh
Lunch was nice...

KelongAcheh Dinner
Dinner at Kelong Acheh
Dinner was even better. Even had a plate of big and sweet flower crabs.

KelongAcheh Baby Cuttlefish
Baby Cuttlefish
This baby cuttlefish was caught in the huge Kelong net. This is a huge net hoisted from the water trapping many fish and used by kelongs to harvest whatever swims by!

KelongAcheh Baby Octopus
Baby Octopus
This intelligent sea creature was fished up by me on a squid jig whilst I was trying to jig for squid. Despite the moon not being bright, I still managed to jig up a few cuttlefish and squid! This was my first time successfully catching squid on my squid jig! They are powerful squirters of black ink, so you have to be careful when hoisting them out of the water. One of the other guys fishing with me in the early morning hours got hit by a big squirt. Luckily it was just water and not black ink.

Kelong Acheh Fish Cleaning
Kelong Acheh fish processing galley
Leaving the Kelong after a few days of fun there was difficult, but we had to go. Enjoyed my stay a lot! Maybe when I get rich next time I will buy a Kelong. The staff are very nice, even chopping off the fish heads and giving me lots of ice for my fish :D

During the weekend, visitors here do pile in. At times there can be up to a hundred people on this otherwise quiet and peaceful kelong. You will get many small children running around posing a big risk to your hooks when casting. So to avoid crowds, always come during the weekdays.

"I'll be back!"

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