Wednesday, February 17

Eastwood Korea meets China

Fantastic sunny weather with a light cool breeze today. Went to Burwood to stock up on fresh soya milk and korean fish-shaped red bean ice cream today. On the way back, met a massive traffic jam on the M4 so I just turned up to the M3 and zoomed down to Eastwood for some more shopping. As there was a small jam right before i got there which wasn't moving, I decided to park and walk.

Crossing the train station, I arrived at the pedestrian walk in the town center. Passed by a jap themed cafe called sosaku where a chinese couple were still celebrating V-day with a meal of tonkatsu. (the girl had a bunch of red roses on the table)

This was what I saw hanging from the awnings. Bet you are as surprised as I was today, never seen this in my life. 청사초롱(Cheongsa-chorong) is what they call those korean lanterns, Though these were not made of high quality cloth as some of those in Korea. Interspersed were big Chinese lanterns, I wonder how this would look at night. Hmm very very so interesting neh!

Ok so I read wiki and apparently Korean New Year is generally the same day as Chinese New Year, Mongolian New Year, Tibetan New Year and Vietnamese New Year. As you can see the Chinese here seem to be on very good terms with the Koreans in Eastwood. Yes indeed, on one side of the train station you have rows of chinese shops and on the other side you have rows of korean shops, and I have never seen any violent looking asian triad members or gangs lurking around, thank god.

Today is day 3 of Chinese lunar new year and yes the industrious chinese are back at work, so is everyone else. (In Australia chinese new year is not a national holiday YET. hehe ;P)

As I walked down towards my usual fish monger and grocery shop, surprise surprise, all around the chinese section of Eastwood town center, someone had pasted this poster on all the walls. Jackie chan looks sooo cute in this poster for his new movie Jackie Chan’s ‘Little Big Soldier’(actually 大兵小将 should be translated as big soldier small general)

Yes he has done it again, another new film for celebrating the chinese new year, keep it up jackie chan! Let's hope this one is as good as shinjuku incident. Can't wait for the wife to come back and go watch it!

Oh and check this out! Jackie Chan's Official Website

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