Tuesday, March 23

Akira Kurosawa’s Birthday Doodle on Google

Noticed that wierd film director guy on google's homepage today? It's a new doodle today celebrating Akira Kurosawa's 100th birthday. This name sounded quite familiar, so after a little checking on the internet I found out he was the guy behind Shichinin no samurai or seven samurai, subsequently also made into an anime Samurai 7 in 2004. I watched the anime first a few years back and then watched the 1954 film after downloading it out of curiosity. The story is in short about a village being attacked by bandits who take their harvest of rice and how the villagers fight back with the help of seven samurais. I must say I definitely enjoyed this vintage piece of film making.

Wow do they live to be really old in Japan, just take this guy in the same profession as me. I will have to go on a fully japanese diet if I wanna live that old and healthy too. Well happy birthday to Akira Kurosawa...

Hmm.. seems like they removed the upload image link on my blogger blog creation pad today, is blogger planning for us to upload and reference images in the future from photobucket or flickr?

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