Tuesday, March 23

TPG Internet Down...

Well I should be perfectly happy with free lodgings at the moment, lots of good food (damn forgot to take a pic of the baked mackerel we had last night) and not to mention free wireless internet.

Last Friday, the internet went offline unexpectedly. Most probably got turned off for the weekend. Good thing is it has been turned on again yesterday. So I am back online and downloading. I guess the wife and me went through a short period of internet withdrawal :D

At the moment reading through another blog. This blog has good graphics and belongs to one of Malaysia'a top bloggers. Will do one read through first and see about commenting. New word I learnt this month, "play-through" which means to complete a game once. In some games players do 2 play-throughs and sometimes even 3 play-throughs.

Sigh.. kinda miss Malaysia now, despite being a permanent resident in Australia, still feel kinda foreign. Only good things here I guess are my friends, the easy availibility of good food and the possibility of racking up good credits by working.

Well its lunch time now, time to eat some stuff first. Tomorrow will be a hectic day as I prepare some paperwork for my job application. Applied in the morning and got the interview booked in the afternoon, just have to settle some paperwork by getting previous term assessments copied and sent in.

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