Wednesday, March 17

Namyangi Korean Plum Drink

Went down to Eastwood today and went on a grocery shopping spree of sorts today... Here you can see a 12 pack of a Korean plum drink, at home brand, HOME-MADE it says in korean. Apparently from this Korean company. As with most korean goods, it comes with very nice packaging. The DORT stands for dissolved oxygen removing technology, probably so that this drink does not need any preservatives, very clever. And it does seem the shelf life is a short 6 months.

Wife wanted only 1 but I bought a dozen instead. AUD $14 per pack, I got the last dozen with this flavour haha.. They taste kinda like the sour-plum drink we have back in Malaysia. They also taste much like a the alcoholic plum drinks from japan. Gonna try the peach flavour ones next time.

At the same Korean shop, we bought some pre-marinated pork(~$13 per kg), bulgolgi flavoured I think and wife produced this yummy stir-fry which actually tastes just like the one the served at the restaurant! Went quite well with the 2kg plastic cannister of kim chee we bought for AUD $12.

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