Friday, May 21

Move 2 completed

Finished moving yesterday night. Yes this is the 2nd move since I became an australian permanent resident and moved over here last december.

It's been a rather busy day helping my friend out, driving his wife and him to the airport in the late afternoon and gettting stuck in friday afternoon sydney trafffic on the way to the airport sure was fun. This is my desktop now. How uncanny, I applied for a desktop support officer job at the stroke of midnight today as well heh.

As you can see, I am still running my trusty 5 year old Toshiba Satelllite L30 on an optimized Windows XP SP3. Time for an upgrade, this bugger just refuses to malfunction.

The poor plant on the table has been struggling/growing for the past couple years, but the right mixture of potting mix this year has seen it growing well. I am hoping for flowers next year.

Lighting in the room is pretty poor still so I will post some pics of the place in a couple days. The fireplace here is 'awesome.sauce'. hah. picked that up from a malaysian chick's blog. Got a wierd japanese comment on one of my blog pages, I think its probably spam but allowing it anyway just for fun.

Pics of the nice fireplace will be coming...

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