Wednesday, November 10

Coffs Harbour Holiday

Things have been quite hectic of late. When this happens my blog falls into ruins with neglect again... Well what can I do. The new place is quite nice, there is a garden where I can get organic veggies planted and a nice clean toilet with a leaky shower, at least the water pressure is more than adequate.

Last term at the far away hospital was really busy. Despite a lighter term, there was lots of overtime to do. So much so that I got pissed, took some days off and decided to accept a good friend's invitation to Coffs Harbour to stay. Yay. Did my fair share of fishing at the docks. This is a picture of me hiking down Mutton Bird Island, which is a small peninsula populated by mutton birds. These seafaring birds actually make nests buy digging underground.

 Needless to say Coffs Harbour was a load of fun! Still have some fish leftover in the freezer. I must say there is nothing like fresh fish caught by yourself.

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