Thursday, June 16

My Western Digital My Passport Essential HDD

Today another happy upgrade has been added to my electronic collection.  Finally I have joined the 1 Terabyte storage universe. Won't have to worry about keeping the TV series and movies I download anymore!! yay!!

So this is my new HDD from Western Digital. It is only about the size of my classic old Ipod from like many years ago. I really like the nice metallic silver. We initially had a 320GB one from Seagate which has been working pretty well for the past year but filling up rather quickly. Though I do not have any USB 3.0 technology on board, the option to be able to use that in the future is pretty cool. Apparently its supposed to be ten times faster at data transfers compared to USB2.

How did I end up with it? Well, after a horrid day trying to get 'official' things done with the tax office/bank/etc... with the end result of nothing being completed at all, I went down to Officeworks and tried to price match a new portable hard disk. (I'll add more about price matching with officeworks) With larger part of the day having been lousy, I would probably be just as unlucky trying to get the price match, or so I thought...

Initially the HDD seemed to be sold out, but on closer inspection, right at the back of the high shelf lay a last one! The nice guy working there did a quick price match and I managed to get a AUD$124 price down to AUD$104.50. What a bargain. Damn I just love getting bargains, its like a modern version of ambushing prey and successfully bringing it down with minimal effort... Good thing is it's working fine, till 2TB comes around :D

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