Friday, September 9

Reebok Taiwan's No Pants Day

Otherwise known as Taiwan Panty Raiders, this is a report/edit of a post I did last year which had the video get taken off youtube.

Excerpt from youtube page :
The Challenge

Once the leading sports brand in Taiwan, Reebok's brand awareness in the country had been squeezed by competitors. With the challenge of announcing Reebok's re-entry into the Taiwan market, the agency was tasked with strategizing a creative campaign to support the launch of Reebok's EasyTone sneakers, changing perceptions of Reebok and positioning it as a relevant brand to a new generation of consumers.
The Solution

The agency concluded that a campaign that had a strong visual impact and novel content would be imperative in driving awareness amongst consumers. This campaign was Reebok's take on 'No Pants Day' often celebrated abroad. Inheriting the spirit of the original event, Taiwan's 'No Pants Day' was designed to be bold while linking to the notion of being healthy, being sporty and being yourself which insights told us would chime well with our audience. The strategy entailed targeting key MRT (metro trains) and public locations during busy commute time with a staged flash mob of trouser-less models to show the benefits of EasyTone in a fun, but daring way. These visuals triggered an online and offline viral effect which formed part of the agency's integrated multi-phase, two-month campaign that incorporated digital outreach, traditional media, in-store events and advertising to create experiences for consumers across a variety of touch points.

The Results * Sales grew 20% in March 2011 following the agency campaign * Total Ad Value: US$1,285,400 * Generated 295 media clippings, 98 of them broadcast. All TV news channels in Taiwan covered the news. * Seven out of twelve TV news channels described Reebok as a "leading" and "famous" brand * Ten broadcast channels reported on "No Pants Day" during prime time * Video on YouTube generated 733,496 views as of 4/08/2011

Apparently even in more conservative asian countries sex still sells!

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