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Asus N53SV-SX787V

Asus Laptop Eco Friendly Box.
This is my new notebook PC. Having used an old toshiba satellite for the past 5 years, it was about time to get something new that could run Windows 7 and not just the old XP. This baby cost me AUD$900 but managed to claim back a nice 10% GST discount a I bought it in January 2012, just before returning to Malaysia for the chinese new year holidays.
Asus N53sv-sx787v Main Specs : 15.6" i7- 2670qm/4gb/500gb /gt540m-1gb Came in a simple enviro-friendly box with Asus' inspiring innovation, persistent perfection on the front. Having bought a previous Asus N53SV series laptop just few months before, I checked it out and the very nice shop person even gave me a run-in graphics card test! I must say that  having used it for a few months I have no complaints at all. 

Dun wanna do a comprehansive review on this since it is probably partly outdated by now but I do have a few things t say about it.  This laptop is definitely a desktop replacement. It's heavy, almost 3kg. However the big-ass screen which is 15.6" with a standard 1366x768 is easy on the eyes, but being glossy is not good outdoors or in places with bright flourescent lighting.
It also has big-ass Bang and Olufsen speakers, which pump out really good quality sound but only at medium to soft levels, at max there is some bass distortion. For laptop speakers this is still a definite upgrade and I must give it a big Wow!

USB 3 techonology in this baby is definitely also a plus, especially when transferring files into my little silver western digital HDD (also pictured) Though the transfer rate is not ten times faster as it says on the sticker, more like 5 or 6 times, but still, thats much faster than old USB 2 tech.

If you are thinking of getting a laptop anytime soon I definitely would recommend getting an Asus laptop with either an i3 or i7 chip and at least a GT610m nvidia graphics card. Any laptop without USB 3 probably should not even be sold anymore. Well Asus is I I P P !
  1. Thanks for the advice! I'm now currently using an Asus ZenPrime laptop and I think it is a good one. Although it is a bit thin for my taste, I do love the dimensions and how it fits easily inside my bag. -Betty


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