Saturday, March 17

Ayumi Hamasaki Party Queen New 2012 album

Ayumi Hamasaki - Party Queen Album Cover (still loving the leopard prints)

Finally after quite some time, Ayumi has released a new album - Party Queen. She still looks as good and sexy as ever on the album cover, but again who knows how much has been photoshopped. Guess what, she is 10 years younger than Kylie Minogue, who is 10 years younger than Madonna!

Listening to it right now and it's not too bad really. Title track Party Queen is quite ok, track 4 which is a guitar riff/instrumental sounds quite good and track 5 call has a nice typical ayumi rhythmn to it. After a few months of listening to Korean bands that have moved on to produce Japanese albums, this is a refreshing change, a local legend producing a new album in her native language. Though I still can't understand the language, at least the music is still pretty good, especially through my Bang & Olufsen laptop speakers on my Asus N53SV...

This is the download link in case u wanna listen to the tracks before buying the actual album...

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