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Bioshock Infinite PC : A Mind Boggling FPS

I just finished Bioshock Infinite on my laptop over a couple days and I must say that at the end, I wasn't sure what the heck was happening. Read on to find out just how confusing this game is.

The game starts off with you playing as Booker Dewitt, getting on a row boat and being sent to retrieve a girl to pay for some debt you owe. (Unlike the pic above, only the couple of weirdos in the yellow raincoats and wellingtons row you there without the girl in the boat) You then wander around a lighthouse and finally get launched beyond the clouds into a city with people from an early american era. The game world reminded me of Will Smith's Wild Wild West and was much like the early american times as in Assasin's Creed III.

The orientation / tutorial part of the game was built into the beginning of the game, but took too long to hold my interest as there was really not much action at the start. I actually quit from boredom a few times and it took me quite a few days before I got to the house to rescue the main female character. In real game time, this may take you almost an hour of wandering around to accomplish.

You make your way to a house where the other main character, Elizabeth is kept and watched through mirrors, much like a house prisoner in a reality TV show, by the main bad guy called COMSTOCK. After you rescue her is where the action really starts.

Unfortunately, from this point on you just play through like a normal FPS. Unlike other more exciting FPS or third-person shooters, there are no "action" cut-scenes where it gets exciting.

Fast forward a few hours later, some place near the end, Elizabeth asks you to kill her if she becomes evil and does bad things like her father COMSTOCK. She then gets kidnapped again...

Bioshock Elizabeth entered the Matrix

Manage to rescue her after she get re-abducted by the bad guys. She is experimented on a-la MATRIX style.

Bioshock Infinite End Stage

The view post final stage and carnage, wierdly there wasn't any boss in this stage, just wave after waves of enemies trying to destroy something which you have to protect. My favourite power was the electric shock mines you can deploy all around the place to slow and stun enemies.

Bioshock Infinite fireworks
The lady then gets a mechanical bird pet that helps you destroy the tower she was held prisoner in. Ends with a spectacular fireworks display.

Bioshock Infinite Bird Guardian Death

Elizabeth then regains all her parallel universe hopping power and somehow drowns the pet bird guardian which sometimes can get evil and try to kill the two of you.

Finally you get to the ending storyline. You find that there are multiple timelines and multiple "universes"

Apparently in one universe you owed some debt and sold your baby girl away. Which ended up becoming Elizabeth.

Then you became baptised and became the bad guy in the story that was the one who bought and experimented on your baby girl.

So in order to end the bad guy's life you had to let Elizabeth drown and kill you so there is no one to buy the baby from you. The story ends with you and baby living happily ever after.

Confused? Well I think that's what the game creators want to you be like after playing this title.

If you have time to kill, I feel this game is good for a one time quick playthrough, just make sure you have a good graphics card. Unfortunately there is no manual save system and you will not be able to load previous save games so keep your fraps on if you want to take screen shots throughout the game.

I still feel the latest Tomb Raider is much higher on the fun scale.

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