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Taiwan Trip 2011 Day 7 Green Island Dinner

[continued from Taiwan Trip 2011 Day 7 : Yong Ya Fang Minsu 雍雅坊民宿 ]

Scootering into town, we decided to have dinner at this restaurant which was packed full. As always our theory was "packed full must be good".

Inside it was pretty crowded but atmosphere was pretty cozy. Despite the crowd, it was not too noisy. Everyone seemed to be enjoying their food.

Lots of framed posters of different types of local fish. Owner must be a fishing fan.

Walking in, on the front desk was a HUGE PILE of fried flying fish. We were very surprised and excited as this was the first time we ever had a chance to eat this type of fish. They serve it 3 ways, sweet and sour, braised or black pepper.

For rice, we decided to get a bowl of classic taiwanese mince braised pork rice. Pretty good.

Then came out main dish, the flying fish sweet and sour style! :D The fish has been battered and deep fried to crispy perfection so much so you could munch and crunch most of it. Flavour wise, the flying fish was a mild tasting fish. The sweet and sour sauce which was pretty good. But the novelty of eating this rare dish in a remote taiwanese island location is what makes it so special.

Our second main dish was some stir fried local DEER meat with ginger and shallots. Went very well with the rice. Green Island has a lot of resident deer population. I guess the locals just go hunt a couple everynight.

After dinner we went back to the minsu. As part of the package, we met up with a local guide who brought a group of us on scooters up a hill, nearby to the local deer sanctuary/park. The main attractions are the local buffalo and deer, which we managed to see but didn't manage to get any pictures. Also this green stick like insect which is indigenous to this island and not found anywhere else on earth!! Lucky us, there were plenty of them out and about for us to take pictures. They are pretty harmless but they are huge insects, many around the size of your elbow to hand!!

After our fun night outing, we passed by this very cutely decorated shop and went in for some ice dessert as the signboard read : "seaweed ice products"

And I am very glad we did. Another local specialty. It's basically a typical shaved ice with taro and sweet potato balls kind of dessert, except this one was topped off with some green seaweed harvested right from the shoreline of this Island. Served on a custom made clam-shell, this was a really nice way to end our first day on this island.

Well back to the Minsu for an early night, we would have to wake up pretty early for some sunrise viewing at the hot springs!!!

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