Saturday, March 28

Back In Batu Pahat Part 2

The next day, we went over to my granny's old friend's house to learn how to make traditional noodles from her. We had a lovely lunch there, this is how we made the noodles

First use some plain flour and make some dough balls. A bit of water is added with 2 eggs per kilo flour. Then knead the dough like crazy and when the texture is smooth let it rest a bit as above.

Then flatten it with whatever you have handy. Rolling pins or glass bottles can be used.

Slice thinly with a big chopper and you have slivers of noodles to be cooked!!! Dump the noodles in a boiling pot of soup stock and you get yummy noodles!!

Don't forget some SPICY sauces to go with the noodles.

A big bowl of sand/flower crabs to go with the noodles never hurts! We got these from some local fishermen. Freshly baked!! VERY VERY sweet.

An unusual sight in the kitchen. The elders like to hang dry these mandarin orange peels by the window. They can then be added into bean soups to enhance the flavour....

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