Saturday, April 25

Day Trip Back to BP

Went on a last minute trip back to BP to visit an injured relative today. Good thing he was doing well at home. More good things too, read on...

At his place, which was also the place granny lived in before she passed on, there are lots of sugar cane trees growing wild, these were the type used for boiling into a drink like tea. Chopped some to take home. There was also a round growth of sweet potato leaves on the ground which I promptly harvested, about a meals worth. Managed to get a ripe orangey cocoa fruit pod. The whole tree now seems to be having some sort of fungal infection that leaves the pods black, like burnt charcoal.

Went back to a Malay fishmonger we bought fish from before. Lotsa fresh fish this time, even at about 11pm the local fisherman are still returning with their small but yummy catches. Lotsa table sized pomfrets. We bought some "tau tuey kia", also known in malay as bawal putih lendir(mucus)(RM38), these were extremely tasty, best fish I have eaten in a while, silken flesh with a hint of egg in its flavour. There were also huge red snapppers there with an assortment of other beautiful and fresh fish.

What a nice and interesting day, despite myself being under the weather with a cough and slightly sore throat.

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