Monday, April 27

KimChi&BBQ 1st Visit

Just had lunch with the wife at a local Korean restaurant. Opened by a lovely korean couple. They speak a spattering of English, god knows why they came to Malaysia and in particular johor bahru.

Anyways the main point here being the food. Which was surprisingly good! We had BBQ pork belly which was done for us a waitress. One eats it the usual way by wrapping it in some lettuce together with some bean sauce, garlic slice and chilli. However due to a quiet evening, they were able to prepare a nice salad for us, which was an additional superb accompaniment.

This salad is made from thinly sliced shallots and tossed with sesame seeds, vinegar and small pieces of lettuce.

The bimbimbab I had was also good, came in a piping hot clay bowl. Onion soup to accompany yum!

For drinks we both had citron tea, a blend of lemon and plum drunk warm. Very refreshing.

To top it all off, we even had some ginger-barley drink and dessert on the house in the end! Definitely going back for more...

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