Tuesday, April 28

Telok Sari Day Trip

It has been a long time since I last went digging for clams at the beach or even been to a local beach for that matter. So decided to drive a couple hours down to a beach and river mouth. First had to get ready some equipment.

Rainy morning.
The day started off rainy but weather cleared up as we drove along.

Roadworks Kota Tinggi
Some roadworks on the way up to Kota Tinggi, before reaching Mersing town. Had a nice brunch, wanton noodles at a nice corner shop kopitiam at Jemaluang. Gave a lift to a guy who supposedly was taking his father with a stroke to see a doctor in Mersing. Later found out he was probably using his dad as an excuse to get transport into Mersing town as he did not get us to drop them off at the hospital or clinic. No more picking up hitchhikers ever again..

The road to T. Sari
Anyways, quite a nice drive once we turned off the main trunk road. This road also leads to kampung penyabong, that has a jetty which is the launching point off to both Pulau and kelong Acheh. Will make a trip there soon.

More Water Buffaloes
Cute big water buffaloes enjoying a mud water soak in the hot afternoon sun.

Water Buffaloes
This one was looking at us funny..

Seaside Road.
A nice drive along this road just by the seaside.

Telok Sari low tide
Finally reached our destination. At low tide the view is good and you can actually walk to the opposite islands.

As we didnt have the proper equipment, we only waded in the shallows and looked for exposed clams and found some other sealife. I found a very colorful 2 inch prawn. I found out from some locals how to dig for sea earth worms(slimy, looks like long long centipedes) for fishing bait. Indeed this is very effective bait.

Tuna Mayo Sandwhich
Simple lunch before heading out..

Herbal Kuey Chap
After a day of sandfly and mosquito bites, we went home and a dinner of herbal kuey chap

Self Dug clams
When I cooked the few clams we found the next day, discovered every clam had egg laden mini crabs in them. Very interesting, was this symbiosis? Well digging clams is hard work, don't ever do it under the hot afternoon sun...
  1. Great post. Just love the pics of the buffaloes.:)

  2. thank you :D heh, surprised anyone actually got to read my blog :D


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