Tuesday, April 28

Jerantut Trip Day 1

Drive View 4
As my mom and uncle had to go to Jerantut for their caving trip(see previous post), we had to drive up to the town of Jerantut in the state of Pahang.

We set off in the 4WD on a Friday afternoon. Weather was great and after couple hours driving we stopped by the usual yong peng stop for a break and lunch. There are many noodle shops in yong peng as this is a popular rest stop for people travelling along the north south highway. This small little town is located very near to the highway.

Fishball Noodles Dry
We ate at Anthony fish ball shop which was a very high tech place that had Wifi and PDA wielding wait staff. We suspect the boss has some sort of IT background. My dry noodle with fishball soup was quite good. The chilli sauce was also very good. However mom and uncle thought their laksa and prawn noodle soups were nothing to shout about.

Monkey Cups
Mom happy to have found some wild roadside monkey cup plant.

Beware of Deer
Beware of crossing deer. Haha first time I have seen this sign. Must be in serious wildlife territory.

Roadtrip View 1
Nice road drive through Pahang.

Old School Pump
Old classical type petrol pump with the balls the would be blown about as the pump was working. Think this was at a station at Mengkarak town...

Drive view 3
It is not advisable to drive with one hand and take pictures with another. Very nice weather as we drove through miles of roads fringed by oil palm trees.

Hilux 4x4 Police Vehicle
In this region, even the police need some extra power with the 2.5L 4WD Hilux. How else to chase down oil palm stealing criminals!

Driving until the sun went down... Sunset is a very nice time but only lasts a few minutes...

After a good 6 and half hours, made it to the town of Jerantut. This town was previously the place to stay before going into Taman Negara, however there is now a direct road to the national park taking an hour plus. You no longer have to go to Kuala Tembeling jetty for the 3 hour boat ride unless you have never had a river boat ride before.

Wau Hotel Room 2
First we checked into WAU hotel, took some time to find it though as we missed a turning.

Jerantut D1 Dinner
Decided to end the day with dinner at a local restaurant. Wild Boar stir-fry and drunken kampung chicken were really good. You can apparently also find Ikan Kaha and Wild frog legs at restaurants in this town. They no longer serve protected species such as tiger meat.

We then sent mom and uncle to stay at Tekam Plantation Resort which was nearer to the caves, about 15 minutes drive from our place in Jerantut.

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