Wednesday, April 29

Fast and Furious 4

FF4 Poster
Feeling kinda bored, so went to the movies with wifey. Decided to watch Fast and Furious 4 as it was supposedly number 1 in Malaysia for the past couple of weeks. This Friday night the cinema was quite empty and we managed to choose good seats. As usual, some popcorn and coke for the movie.

Harry Potter 6 Poster
Guess who is coming soon to town.

X-MEN Poster
Wolverine is also coming to town soon...

After the movie we went for some supper at a hawker center at permas jaya. Had loh mee which was very average. Wife ordered her usual half-boiled kerang which had some mud in them.

Johor Tako Pachi
Johorean octopus balls, haven't had these in JB since I last visited a joint in City Square downtown. Gave us lotsa bonito shavings but tiny pieces of octopus only.
  1. forgot to tell u I ask tat fella to put more bonito on the tako..


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