Saturday, December 19

End of first week in Sydney

Whilst the wife has got some nice herbal soup with pork ribs going on the stove and the XBoX 360 is playing a DivX movie, "The Proposal" from my USB drive, I will put in a little blog entry.

Had a nice afternoon wandering around the huge mass of people at the Sydney Markets down at Flemington. This huge market happens every saturday early morning till evening. As the day goes on, the produce gets less pretty but the prices start getting rock bottom.

We managed to get cherries for $5 a kilo, 2 bunches of kangkong veges go for a dollar and 3 punnets of strawberries for $5. Most people buy in slightly bigger bulk.

Since its getting late, I would like to cap off this post with this picture taken on our drive from Brisbane to Sydney last week.

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