Tuesday, January 19

Kangaroo and Pig Burgers

It's lunchtime again! Went over to my friend's house to make some burgers for them. Today's special was Kangaroo Burgers, made with kangaroo mince. We also made some pork burgers from pork mince.

My friend decided to buy some really big buns, so we had to make the patties fit the breads. Yes we made some huge half pounder burgers! Imagine that! They were as big as my hand, including palm and fingers! (600ml ketchup bottle for comparison). They used to make huge burgers of this size at the burger kings in singapore back in my younger days. The double whoppers are just not as big now.

As they were too big we had to cut them in half and have half a burger at a time. It is definitely best to make food yourself and eat it!

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