Sunday, December 26

Online @ Hospital 2

No I am not in Japan. Wish I was though.

I am still stuck in hospital, finishing up Day 6 of my Christmas 2010 medical night shifts. Due to the holidays there has been less work, so I have had the chance to rest a bit more on the nights.

Should be catching  some Zs now but feeling a bit too hungry. So I am enjoying a cuppa tea with some pan-fried salmon rice in sambal. Mmm Mmm Mmmmm. Nothing like a good breakfast to start the day and end the night shift!

Hope I can get my circadian rhythmn back next week. I always end up being unable to sleep well for a few weeks at least. On the bright side, this will probably be my last set of night shifts ever.. 1 more night and 2 more weeks of work then Asia here I come!

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