Thursday, February 10

Chinese New Year 2011

Heloz and a very happy Spring Festival to all! As per the moon, today is the 7th day of the chinese new year! :D Oh how glorious it is that we have 15 days altogether to celebrate this mega-event every year. That means that there are 350 days left after this, in which we can live for another new year to come...

Tis good to be back in Malaysia, tough the humidity as always takes some getting used to, the weather gods have been kind and on this cool windy night i don't even have to have to turn on the fan . With my new mosquito vanquishing toy at my side I am enjoying blogging on my now almost outdated Core 2 Duo PC, seeing text displayed on a Samsung widescreen, wondering if I should widescreen my blog. I guess for now I am too busy with life to convert the site, quite happy with the 720 width I have for my pictures now.

Add-on. As it got too late last night and I was side-tracked to talking to dad.

It's Day 8 of CNY 2011 now.Well the four days spent back in my hometown of Batu Pahat were great. We even had the chance to stop by an uncle's house in pontian on the way back, and my cousin introduced me to a local hawker center with great food! There were 2 stalls selling my favourite fried oyster there, and a smattering of other stalls including a pork satay stall there. This hawker center has been there for ages but I never knew about it and so never had the chance to check it out..

So now I am back in Johor Bahru, wondering what to do tomorrow and for the next 2 weeks. Still have a whole list of shopping to do and a couple friends to visit. Well happy chinese new year to all.

Pic above is from a house we visited, the little flowers look like little birds don't they?

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