Sunday, March 27

Nuclear Autumn

Ok ok I have left the video of panty raiders in taiwan up for quite a while, while I left my blog in gross neglect. How do you like the new pic, he does not seem very happy, neither am I of the current nuclear mess.

Well welcome to a new season! Yes it seems like its going to be a nuclear winter/spring in Japan. But down-under we have just had the beginning of autumn. After a couple weeks of rains, the temperature has suddenly plunged two days ago, right down to 11 degrees at night from a previously balmy 26 degrees. Not that I mind, but to get back to topic.

It's been two weeks now since the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters hit Japan. I for one was glued to the news the first week, wondering if there would be an outright nuclear explosion. However I then found out the light water reactors they have in Fukushima Nuclear Plant were the type that overheat and meltdown but don't explode. The few blasts the did happen were just from built up pressure and hydrogen gas. Unfortunately, overheating and melting down can cause radiation to leak and get into the environment as well. Water, Food and Air have all been contaminated.

Where are those left alive gonna go? Well two places they can go, one is to the empty buildings in USA(Detroit i heard has quite a few empty apartments) the other would be the empty mega-apartments in China (China is using construction of ghost cities to make its GDP look good!)

Oh and I just found out from the good 'ol BBC that CHina just detected its first whiff of radiation from Japan. Those people better start stocking up on iodine tablets instead of salt.

Ok, I have to go watch some of the Australian F1 GP. Nothing like some mindless speed to make me forget about natural disasters... I leave you with a very 1980's looking picture of the control room of the Fukushima nuclear reactor taken like really recently, I expected big touchscreen with cool graphics...

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