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Sleeping Dogs and 24Herbs 廿四味

Sleeping Dogs ranks as one of my top games for 2012. This is an awesome single player game with a strong storyline. A good break from all the military FPSs that have been coming out this year. Of note is another free roaming game I recently played called Prototype 2, which had a good but not really gripping story, too much like a male version of Alice in Resident Evil.
Pardon the gallery of ghostly pictures as I took these with Fraps playing through the Sleeping Dogs "Nightmare In North Point" Halloween DLC. Just scroll through and enjoy. More on the soundtrack below...

Wei Chen the main character gets a magical wooden sword that does special damage to the undead.

You get to kill some jumpy chinese vampires.

You get to hang out with a hot babe whilst trying to rid HongKong of the undead evil.

Job done.

DLC finishes with the babe doing the classic turn around and evil laugh from MJ's Thriller video.

Which takes me to the main topic of this post - 24Herbs! A lot of their songs were commissioned for the Sleeping Dogs Soundtrack, specifically when you drive around in the car with HKLUB radio channel on. This outfit of 6 guys seem to have made their album with the game in mind as a lot of the tracks are triad/gangster based. Many other tracks on the other radio channels were pretty good as well.

Took me quite a while to google this, but this is what I found which I thought I should share with any lucky readers that stop by... (attempts at extraction directly from the .pck sound file where futile for me)

Complete list of tracks can be found here....Sleeping Dogs Soundtrack Wikia

To get the actual songs read on below...

First stop :
UPDATE : Read update at end of post for link to complete soundtrack.
Second Stop :
If you are a new fan of 24Herbs like me you can grab their latest album from last year, contains most of the tracks, quite high quality but in VBR. Link to bitshare from some chinese forum here

This is the tracklist:
01 Turn It Up
02 Bring It On
03 Do You Know Me
04 Wonderland (feat. 衛蘭)
05 Fashionista
06 Do Or Die
07 Rock As One
08 Control (feat. 黃貫中)
09 Hong Kong Kowloon
10 罪惡之城 [Sin City]
11 Why Can't U
12 不是兄弟 (feat. KZ) [Not Brothers]
13 Perfect
14 Chillax (feat. 蛋堡)
15 Hu Ge
16 24K (Duet with Kolor)
17 罪與罰 (Duet with 鄭秀文)
The track H-KLUB - The Life I had to get from another french search engine. Same drill as the russian forum, google translate and register there to download the file... you can also get another comprehensive list of the sleeping dogs soundtrack tunes including love is heavy by nathan wang which everyone seems to be looking for...
Link to t411 search here

Alternatively you can youtube the tracks and extract from the downloaded youtube files :D

thanks for visiting and enjoy the sounds, I know I am! remember to drop a comment or a link for more from this fabulous  soundtrack.....

UPDATE 30 March 2013 : Apparently the complete list of songs from the soundtrack can be found here (you will need to have a torrent client in order to download)
  1. Managed to extract the audio from the files, it was in the SFX file, bastards, only issue is that I lost my track's lengths so it's near impossible to ID any of the songs xD

    Your list helped me ID some of the ones I was looking for, thank you :D

  2. I was gonna try to extract the tracks from the SFX file too but seemed too complicated. I read somewhere easier way is just record them directly in game with a recording software.

    thanks for leaving a comment :D


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