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Assassin's Creed 3 PC : Enjoyably Funny...

Assassin's Creed 3 PC : Enjoyably Funny...

Just finished playing Assassin's Creed  III on the PC over the last couple of days. Guess what, this was fun, occasionally a tad boring but mostly fun! and I'll tell you why...

Before showing you more screenshots I would like to share that getting this game up and going was a bit of a technical kerfuffle. Apparently it won't work with the current Nvidia Geforce drivers for notebooks. If you are running this on a Geforce 540M or similiar make sure you are using the latest as of today 12/12/2012,  beta drivers from nVidia version 310.64 beta. Otherwise you just get stuck at the "Inspired by historical events...." black screen right at the beginning and the game freezes / hangs/ crashes.  I only had one crash throughout my week of gameplay using these drivers.

Talk to the Hand

The game starts of with a character called Haytham which I thought was the main character much like Ezio in the older games. He does the  "talk to the hand" motion instead of saying no, pompous british fool :D hahaha...

Then it does get a bit cinematic with the gameplay meshing in great with the the intro title.  So u sail from the UK to Boston in what is to become the US of A. Those American revolution loving patriots are going to so love this..

Is it just me or is this shaping up to be a "pirates of the Caribbean" kind of game? Well the answer is yes and no, but more on that later..

A lot of the old gameplay mechanics are still present. You can still climb high up there for pleasant view.

Bonus new content... You get to have a romantic carriage ride with Pocahontas :D

AC3 Horse in the Air

Ok so there are still some clipping bugs with version 1.01.No biggie but still hilarious.

AC3 Up my horse's a.s.s.
You can even hide your head up a horse's butt!

Pocahontas gets lead into a dark and mysterious cave.

And gets a whole lot of loving! Well after this is where you find out she becomes a single mom and we have a son meets father after many years story with son vs dad (assassin vs templar) on-screen tension going...

Assassin's Creed III Naval Battle
The most fun I had was from the very well done naval battles! Though the amount of detail brought my framerate way down :D This game has by far the best Naval/Sea battle mechanics today. After the hugely disappointing Port Royale 3, this puts my faith back into hoping for a respectable pirate game franchise. Definitely a spin-off for Ubisoft waiting right there.

Well this is a really fun game that is joining my hall of fame for 2012. As Ratonhnhaké:ton says, play it and tell me what you think! :D

Next on the menu is Far Cry 3.
  1. your tech info got my game started, many thanks

  2. hope you have fun with this game, there are some irritating moments such as when certain events take time to respawn..


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