Wednesday, December 12

Seagate Backup Plus 1TB : There is a new BlueKelah in the house

Seagate Backup Plus 1TB SRD0SP0

My new blue Seagate Backup Plus

Recieved a phone call from the local Officeworks today. Guess what, after sending my broken 1.5 year old Western Digital MyPassport Essential SE back for repairs just last monday, it was found that it was not repairable. So I was allowed a refund of the amount which I paid for my drive which I could use to buy another drive, as WD did not produce my drive anymore. It's a shame WD did not just replace my older version with a new drive and though I got the refund, I had to put in a couple dollars more to get a new drive as HDD prices are still high in Australia even though its been more than a year after the Thailand floods..

note : Officeworks is a good place to buy your tech, they not only price match but also provide very good after sales refunds or exchanges of items.

So this time round I decided to try my luck with a Seagate Drive. The new Seagate Backup Plus 1TB external portable HDD looks really good even though its all just plastic with a 'brushed aluminium tan'. Seagate also still has a 3 year warranty and unlike Western Digital which has cut it back down to 2 years. Apparently Backup Plus HDD are now made in China and assembled in Thailand.

As with all external HDDs, this unit comes with preloaded bloatware. Some might find it useful but the geek in me made me do a quick format pronto. This releases about 1.85GB from the disk. Wierd thing is all the files including hidden ones only took up 200+MB so dunno where the extra 1.6GB goes to! Anyways at least a quick format later the drive is empty and ready for use...

Well so far so good. Let's see how long this one lasts!


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