Thursday, April 15

Lucky day at Penrith South RTA

Say Say Say!!! As HardGay form Japan would say... I finally passed the NSW RTA Driving Test! Third time lucky I guess. I reckon its the thoughest driver's licence test in Australia. Seems NSW is the most stressed out state with their difficult tests and regulations. Imagine 45 minutes when other states still have the old standard 20 minute drivers test. Anyway good thing I passed, coz I bet it will just get harder.. Previously all one needed was to do the computerized test to know the road rules and get the overseas licence transferred. Now a driving test is needed. I bet next time all drivers from unrecognized foreign countries will have to get their P's too.

Booked my test last week at Penrith South RTA as it had a nice 3.05pm wednesday slot. Initially when I did a day of "stalk the ON TEST" cars last friday, didn't manage to follow them much, ended up just burning fuel and harming the environment. Did however scout out that Penrith south has multiple roundabouts, there is a big double laned one in the middle of town too.

Today, wife and uncle went with me again. This time got lucky, arrived there a few hours early, got a bite to eat at the local Subway, and went about preparing to stalk some cars. The weather was freakin hot and when we got to the RTA only 1 car was parked out in the tester area. So after waiting a while we decided to go into the RTA and see if we could register earlier. Well the nice lady there told us to come back 15 minutes before the test as we were too early.

Note : Penrith South RTA as with most RTAs do not have public toilets. I wish they did.

We walked out and saw a young girl go with the lady tester to the car. Her instructor waited outside and started lighting a cigarette. I quickly said hi and asked her about the exit of the RTA and whether we had to stop before exiting. She said there used to be a stop sign there but its gone now so its ok to exit as a normal intersection.

Note : Penrith South RTA exit has a give way line right at the start, always look left for oncoming trucks which just completed their emmisions testing and right after there is a white line dividing the road for exiting left or right, usually you exit left for the test.
When the time came, got the lady tester whom by now had come back. She passed the girl before me, so I was a little disappointed as it was just like my first test, with the younger driver before me passing.

Then it was my turn. We checked the car, did my usual in cabin check and drove off. We didn't talk much until the first traffic lights which was quite a wait so I just started a conversation. Lucky I did, she was quite nice and spoke a little to me and was very friendly. Did a kerb-side and reverse parallel park, don't know why I am so lucky every test get many maneuvers haha...  Anyways came back to the RTA in one piece but not expecting much and hey ho dairy oh, she said I passed. Final mark 100/107, not perfect but not too shabby, I had managed to see and responded to 7 hazards!

Just felt pretty good after and satisfied that I had passed the driving test without having to hire a driving instructor! Neither did I have to resort to going to far away places like Bega or Shellharbour. Places with really high pass rates >70%.

Good luck if you are having your next test there and came by and read all this!

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